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Pressol Yağlama Cihazları Türkiye Distribütörü - Odaksan


Founded in 2007, ODAK MAKİNE SANAYİ VE TİCARET, “ODAKSAN,” with superior German technology brands PRESSOL lubrication equipment and FMT diesel fuel transfer pumps, which has expert and educated staff and 10 years’ experience in the area of “garage and service equipment,” is one of the industry’s leading companies.

ODAKSAN, by making good use of the elapsed time in the sector; with the accomplishments in sectors trade, marketing, design, agency, foreign trade about fixed and mobile systems, pneumatic mechanical lubricating oil pumps, pneumatic grease pumps, pneumatic automatic lubrication equipment, truck-mounted lubricating stations, dry lubrication pumps, grease pumps, transfer pumps, fuel oil and diesel oil barrel-transfer pumps, diesel oil counters, gas guns, oil suction from sump equipment, liquid and foamspray pumps, automatic hose reels, exhaust ventilation systems, hot and cold high pressure washing machines, piston and screw compressors and equipment; provides high technology world-class equipment and service provision which, with these features, continues its activities as a competing company in automotive, construction, and industrial markets.

The company aims to increase its market share and competitiveness and win customer satisfaction , by offering pre-sales and after-sales services in the field of garage and service equipment.

*Our aim is to

Add value to our customers through our high quality service and succeed together with strategic cooperation in long term.

Our values

Primarily, respecting individuals and their opinions Quality management,

  • Aiming to be better and providing quality service,
  • Keeping up with recent developments and changes,
  • Believing in the power of contributive management,
  • Having and acting with institutional social responsibilities,
  • Focusing on the customer and the result
  • Honesty and contributing to the society


  • Professional and experienced staff
    Customer and staff-focused approach
  • Value adding and leading applications
  • Continuous service
  • Business ethics based on mutual trust and respect



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